• Degree in Medicine from the University of Navarra, specializing in urology at  the “12 de Octubre” Hospital, Madrid. PhD. cum laude from the Complutense University, Madrid.
  • Extensive training abroad, including the fields of prostate cancer and laparoscopic surgery.
  • Medical member of the Urologic Oncology and Laparoscopy Unit at the Morales Meseguer Hospital, with extensive experience of over 10 years in the management of various urological cancers and prostate diseases.
  • Member of the Editorial Board of “Actas Urológicas Españolas”, and reviewer of articles in that publication on the areas of oncology, laparoscopy and andrology.
  • Author or coauthor of more than 50 urological publications and over 120 comunications in medical meetings
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Prostatic diseases

The prostate is a gland only present in men and is located at the distal end of the bladder. It has two functions: it makes an essential part of semen, and it participates with other mechanisms in ejaculation. Prostate diseases can be divided into three large groups.

There is a normal growth after a certain age, which is called benign prostatic hyperplasia or BPH, which can cause problems for urination and difficulty emptying the bladder. On the other hand, you can develop prostate cancer. Finally, there are symptoms of pain and pelvic and prostatic congestion that may correspond to an acute prostatitis or chronic prostatitis also called prostatodynia. In this clinic, we offer a wide experience in the management of these diseases, and a comprehensive treatment using the most advanced techniques for the diagnosis and the treatment.

Benign prostatic hyperplasia Prostate cancer Laparoscopic Prostate Surgery Rehabilitation unit for sexual function after surgery Chronic postatitis / prostatodynia / chronic pelvic pain syndrome
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